Facebook image search

Facebook image search

Facebook is the most popular social media platform having a massive audience of 2 billion active users per month. Researches have revealed that more than 200 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day. Hence it proves that Facebook is an advanced social media platform where people share photos and videos to get entertainment and grow their engagements with other people. Facebook reverse image search is the method by which you can get a considerable number of images relevant to yours with complete detail. So that you don’t have to waste your time in finding images to post on Facebook

Need Of Facebook Reverse Image Search

We all know that many people use FB for business purposes to increase their brand awareness by increasing their audience. For the sake of that purpose, they always want to use original and high-quality images. Hence there comes the need for image research for Facebook. There are various methods for doing image research for Facebook, which is given below.

  • Profile Search by tracking the file name of the image. 
  • Using Google reverse image search for finding relevant images
  • Using TinEye, bing, and social search engines 

Let’s head towards the details of image searching methods for FB.

Reverse Image research by using FB photo id

Facebook is a rigorous platform in providing its user’s security from their data being stolen. That is the reason; It gives a particular and unique id to each and everything that is uploaded on Facebook. It might be the photos, videos, or the profiles of users. So if you want to use someone’s photo for your business purpose and want to find out the original source of the image so that you can give proper credit to the real owner, then you have to follow these steps. By following these steps, you will find out the natural source of the image.

  • Check out the address bar of the image.
  • Here you will see the three sets of numbers which are separated by spaces and underscores. Moreover, they are followed by “fbid=”. 
  • Now check the middle set of numbers.
  • These numbers are the unique id of the actual profile which has uploaded that particular picture that you have followed. 
  • Now search that set of numbers in a new tab followed by the facebook address. For example, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=(middle set of numbers)
  • If you have written all the required things correctly, then you will get an actual profile.

Google reverse image search for finding images of facebook

This method is relatively easier to find images from Facebook. For searching an image from google, firstly navigate to images.google.com. Now you will see a camera icon in the google search bar. By clicking on this camera icon, you will find out two options which upload an image or URL of the image.

Now provide the image which you want to search for. In this way, you will find relevant images from all across the internet. But our task is not completed yet. We have to find images on Facebook. Therefore write “site:facebook.com” in the search bar. By searching this, google will show you only those images that are uploaded on Facebook. 

Using TinEye, bing, and social search engines for finding similar images from Facebook

Tineye is the reverse image search tool that works similar to google image searching. Providing the image details like URL or directly uploading an image, you can search for more similar images of yours within a few seconds. Similarly, bing reverse image search can also provide you relevant images with complete details. 

Frequently Asked Questions That You Need to Learn About

Can you also find private images on Facebook by doing image research?

No, you can not find private Facebook images by using any reverse image search method or tool. The reason is that Facebook did not allow anyone to use the private images of any of its users. That is the reason you can only find public images.

What is the best method for doing a Facebook image search?

There are various methods for finding similar images with their complete and proper detail but the best method for this purpose is to use google reverse image search. The reason is that when you type site:facebook.com in the search bar, you will get hundreds or thousands of similar images only from facebook.