Terms of Services

At reverseimagesearch.sc we are committed to providing our users ultimate data security. We never compromise on our privacy policy to make sure the trust of our customers never gets compromised. We practice data security and how carefully we handle our customer data makes us stand out amongst our competitors.

So before using our services it is highly recommended to read at least once our terms of services.

Terms of use:

Here at reverseimage.sc we make sure that we don’t ask for registrations/sign-ups from our users to avoid any kind of personal data collection. And we are committed not to sell any sort of customer data to any third party as it’s strictly against our customer care policy. However, if you have experienced any misleading information about our service, make sure to read our terms of use again.

We work with 100% accuracy:

At reverseimagesearch.sc we make sure to use advanced search algorithms to provide each match against research. like other tools, reverseimagesearch.sc tool can sometimes return no results, why? Because the tool might not get matched results, or sometimes at the rarest moment it can be a service glitch- that can be removed easily by running a second search. So 100% accuracy is always assured. However, in case of persistent error, you can contact our support team, we are always here to listen and improve.

Uploaded media/photos:

Since our tool works directly with images and there can be any type of images included personally, we give a guarantee to our users that their data is never stored. Our database does not store data at all even for the smallest instance of time, we operate indirectly, so compromise on data security.

We can change as we grow:

Reverseimagesearch.sc holds all the rights to change with time, the same can happen to our terms of services. So, to eradicate any kind of ambiguity, please read our terms of services often. 

We have promised to provide our users the best services without a subscription plan, so at reverseimagesearch.sc the approach stays user-centered. 


Here are some frequently asked questions, we have tried to answer to most common queries. 

How many images can I upload at once?

Here at reverseimage.sc we don’t impose any restriction on our users, one can perform as many searches as they need. 

The search stays equally efficient on desktop as well as mobile devices so no worries about the search count at all.

Do I need to buy any subscriptions?

Not at all, reverseimage.sc is completely free.

What kind of devices is compatible with reverseimage.sc?

Reverseimagesearch.sc is compatible with all kinds of devices. Be it android or iOS, we stay 100% accurate. 

What type of photos can be used to perform searches?

Reverseimagesearch.sc accept a variety of picture formats including .jpeg.png, BMP, TIFF, and Gif.

How compatible reverseimagesearch.sc tool, especially for commercial purposes?

The tool offers unpaid versions of high-volume searches, so for commercial purposes, the tool provides extensive searches.