How to look up by photo on iphone

The human race is a crazy breed of visuals; we get attracted to colors, life, and beauty. With millions and billions of photos available across the web, it could be hard to find the exact images you are looking for, their originated source, and the information linked to them. The introduction of various sizes in computer devices has further shrunken the world. After introducing social media, the world has come under the tap of fingers, which means now one can find, watch, and even stalk someone through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

According to a popular search engine, more than 60 billion searches were done in the previous year- 60% were done from both mobile devices (Android and iPhone).
However, social media exposure made it challenging to protect the rights of pictures, copyrights, and usage. So, if you need to find the source, reverse image search is a solution.
Here is a straightforward approach to conduct a reverse image search using iPhone devices.

How to do free Reverse Image Searchon your iPhone? If you have something in your iPhone and want to know its source, here is an approach. You can use safari to find a source of any image.

Here is the process:

  1. Initiate the safari browser, and click on Google Images (
  2. Then click on the three dots option button present at the bottom of the screen – then request Desktop site.
  3. After the requested page is browsed, tap the camera icon and use the search box. There are two ways you can use the search box.
  • a: Either paste the image URL you are willing to get search results.
  • b: Or paste the image directly using ‘upload an image and select the picture from your iPhone gallery.

And that’s it. You will get all the possible sources against any image.

How to use Google lens on iPhone?

Mobile users often look for an easy solution like an app to help them perform a reverse image search on iPhone.
For all those frequent users of RIS, use ‘Google Lens’. Just select the image from your phone gallery, spot a small camera-like button, and click on it.
The lookup search is performed, and you will get your results immediately.