How can we do a Reverse Image Search on an iPhone?

Whether checking not for being a catfish or someone suspicious is scamming your copyright issue, reverse image search is the best innovation in recent years. If you are an iOS user, and want to search for an image, or ever come across an image online and wonder where this image comes from reverse image search is there to help you.

For your iOS, if you want to do a reverse photo lookup, you can either use Safari or Chrome, or some other interestingly developed apps and websites.

Reverse image search, Safari Vs Chrome on iPhone: 

For the iOS default browser safari, you can easily do a reverse image search. If you already have an image downloaded in your library, you can search for or identify it. 

Unlike Chrome, Safari does not provide options, you have to switch on the desktop version from the mobile version to use google images. Let’s talk about a step-by-step review of how to use an iPhone for a reverse photo lookup.  

  • Open Safari on your iOS
  • Go to 
  • Switch to the desktop version from the bottom of the page 
  • A camera icon appears. Click on it.
  • There are two possibilities: either you want to search for an image by a URL or you have an image in photos.
  • If you already have an image URL, copy and paste it or click on upload an image to upload from your iPhone

Reverse image search on iPhone using Chrome is quite advantageous. You can reverse search an image you find while scrolling and have not downloaded yet. You don’t need to download it or have its URL. I’ll let you know how to do it then.

  • First, you have to install Chrome on your iOS if you did not install it already. 
  • Start the Chrome app and scroll and click the picture you want to reverse look
  • Tap the image and hold for a second until a pop-up menu appears 
  • Navigate to “Search Google for this Image”.
  • Results appear instantly about where the picture came from, what is the picture about? And the related searches.

Other free reverse Image search apps and websites on iPhone:

Safari and Chrome are great for instant searching for photos, some other websites and apps are also available that you might use for reverse search, may include:

  • Reverse Image Search
  • Reversee
  • Veracity
  • Tineye

These reverse image search apps are free, use different search engines, and are more often used because they are more thorough and specified for reverse searching of images. Provide quick and focused results.

Reversee on iOS:

Reversee is a free app available on the App Store. You can download it and use it to do a reverse image search for multiple images. Besides downloading the app, you can also add the Reversee extension to Safari. It helps in searching images you find on a web page. You can also customize your search by adjusting /cropping the image.

Veracity on iOS:

Another simple and free app for reverse search images on iPhone is Veracity. It helps in searching and identifying the source of an image. Using a premium account, one can also edit the image with the help of Veracity.

Contrary to these reverse image search apps, one can also do a reverse image search on iOS using the website ‘’. It is the most convenient website to use in Safari, unlike google images, to do reverse photo looking without switching from the mobile version to the desktop version.

Now, if you know almost all possible methods to perform a Reverse Image search on an iPhone, end up with your curiosity and get started to search images you want.