Instagram Reverse Image Search

To search for someone’s image or an image copyright use of reverse image search has become quite normal and popular. Even it can easily be accessed through social apps now.

If you want to find some close friend you lost a time ago and were unable to find, you can do it by reverse image search on Instagram. If you are afraid of being copied, you can also check on it by using Instagram reverse image search.

Reverse image search on Instagram doesn’t allow you to search images. But it helps to search for profiles or plagiarism. Different techniques and search engines are being used for Instagram image searches. 

Instagram is a broad-line social app with a strict photo guard. Billions of photos are being uploaded on a regular basis. These search engines or techniques do not guarantee the exact profile of someone you want to find. But it may help to narrow down your search like an inverted triangle.

  • Google
  • Tineye
  • Social Catfish
  • Bing

Google it:

Google is quick and handy to use search engines for Instagram or any other social app. Reverse image search for Instagram through google is the same as for other reverse image searches.

  • Look for the image
  • Go to
  • Tap the camera icon, upload a photo, or paste the URL  
  • Click search.

If you upload a picture to reverse search, it will show you the related pictures and source from which it originates. But if you search for an image by pasting a URL of Instagram, it will provide results of profiles and user information related to that picture.

The reverse image search on Instagram depends on the account’s popularity. If the account you want to search for is private, the Instagram privacy policy does not allow Google to search for it. A profile should be public to get results from google images.


Tineye is specifically organized for reverse image search. Instagram reverse image search on Tineye is the same as for google images. When reverse searched, you will find the related images. Hopefully, you can get access to the location of an image but not to the exact image you want to search for. Tineye uses its algorithm and database to search images.


Bing also has features to do a reverse image search for Instagram profiles or images. Just upload a picture on the Bing search engine by clicking on the camera icon. Results related to reversed images or info show up if available to the Bing database. It also has the advantage of copying text embedded in the picture, when reverse searched.

Social catfish:

Social catfish claims to be the most advantageous and popular Instagram reverse search image engine. They use metadata of images and facial recognition for searching Insta profiles. They ensure more accurate and best coverage results corresponding to Instagram profiles.

But it has the disadvantage of cost for image search and has a low-speed reverse search.

Other techniques to find a person on Instagram:

Search through hashtags:

All of us know about Instagram hashtags. If you are using a public account, you must have used hashtags. So, using a hashtag driver, you can quickly search for a profile or picture. Just add a tag related to the person you are looking for, and you are all set to find a person.

Search through location:

Geotags are the main drivers of Instagram to find a person. Using the location of a person you know; you can look up their Instagram profile. It ensures good results and hashtags.

Instagram protects pictures from plagiarism:

Reverse image lookup is a useful method to check your pictures are plagiarized or not.

You can personalize your pictures by using a specific watermark on them. Or in case you are using a public Instagram account, you can private it.