Reverse Image Search Artwork

If you are an artist or inspired by the art you might need to read this article. In this digital era, artists have to be online in competitor analysis. Many artists post and sell their work online. They might get afraid of being catfished. So, they often check their artwork for being plagiarized 

by using a technique called reverse photo search. 

so if you are an artist read this article to know more about free reverse image search artwork to protect your craft from content thieves.

Why use reverse image search for artwork?

If you are an artist or art lover going to buy a new artwork, you can do a reverse photo lookup. One can use RIS for the following purposes;

  • To identify the source of the image: people who love art are always curious to know who has made that piece of art to accredit him.
  • To know who is the real owner, so that one can buy the art piece,
  • To identify the owner of the art, so you can get permission to use it.

If you are an artist, you can do a reverse image search:

  • To check if your artwork has been stolen by someone or used on some other internet source
  • To enforce artist rights by copying his artwork or representing his artwork by another name

How an artist uses reverse photo search to protect his artwork?

If your work is being copied on google, or any other person is posting your artwork on his website without asking, you can claim your copyrights. You can report to google for -Removing content from Google. By using google copyright infringement, artwork can get secured.

To search an artwork:

It is now possible to search for a well-known drawing, painting, or artwork through reverse search. Two famous search engines are available for artwork reverse photo lookup.

  • Google
  • Instagram image search

How to do the reverse search on Google:

You can search an artwork using images from search results, an image from a website, the URL of that picture, or an image saved on your phone or desktop.

The method to do reverse photo lookup from google is the same for all ways you are using for search.

  • Open google browser
  • Go to google images
  • Click on the camera icon
  • Paste URL or upload a photo from the phone or desktop you are using

Results appear with the image name and number of search results. is a popular reverse image search engine. Any piece of art can be reverse-searched by this. Using the same steps cited above. Go to and then search artwork using a saved Photo or an image’s URL.

Instagram reverse image search:

You all know about Instagram– however, it can be used as a reverse search lookup for an artwork. Different artist sells their work on it. It’s an incredible tool for finding where your art is being used. But Instagram reverse image search is only available for phones.

How to find the origin of art on Instagram?

  • Right-click the image.
  • Copy the image URL.
  • Paste the URL in the search bar of the tool.
  • Hit the search by image button. And find the origin of the picture.