Pinterest Reverse Image Search Tool

With Reverse Image Search, it gets easier to find any desired image. As billions of similar images are available across the internet, it becomes difficult to search for the most related one. To cope with this problem, free reverse image search tools are available. 

How it benefits:

  • Source of an image
  • It’s duplicates
  • Location of an image
  • Copyright issue
  • Creating Backlinking opportunity

How to perform a reverse search on your phone or desktop?

Reverse image search tools:

Many search engines and tools have been developed for searching similar images using reverse image search. Among the most used tools, some are 

  • Google Image search
  • Bing visual search
  • Yahoo image search
  • Picsearch
  • Pinterest visual search tool
  • Yandex reverse image 

The reverse image search works by using some picture from your library or copying an image’s URL to find the desired Images. To search an image by using another image is referred to as reverse photo looking.

Pinterest image search:

Pinterest is known as the 14th biggest social media network with the latest ranking done in January 2022. People use Pinterest pins to gather an audience and share their creativity. However, this simplest and multi-featured Pinterest also offers reverse image search for its users. Pinterest performs image search in two ways:

  • Pinterest virtual image search
  • Pinterest reverse image search

Pinterest virtual image search

It helps to find similar images visually based on pins. When the home page gets refreshed, Pinterest loads all the pictures related to the past search done on the app. This feature is available for both mobile and desktop. It can also detect the content of an image. Suggest relatable keywords for that specific image and search for similar images.

How does it work? 

The step-by-step method for how to work on Pinterest virtual image search is as follows:

  • Load the images by refreshing the home feed
  • Click on magnifying glass icon on the pinned image
  • Points are generated on the selected picture.
  • Select the targeted area of the picture by dragging the points.
  • As you move the points, the results of the virtual image search will change gradually.

Pinterest virtual image search on phone vs desktop:

The results for virtual image search on the phone appear below the image and have to swipe up. Unlike a phone, the search results on the desktop show up on the very right side of the targeted image.

Pinterest reverse image search:

The second way to search your image is Pinterest reverse image search. This feature is only available for phones. It is an instant result search with detailed detection of objects, just take an instant picture of any object and find its related pins with similar images.

How does it work?

  • Install the Pinterest app and open it.
  • Click on the search icon, then tap on the camera button where you can easily capture a picture of anything. Or upload an image from your phone library. 
  • Pinterest will instantly load the most related images below the captured image.
  • Like virtual image search, swipe up to check the results.

Pinterest reverse image search is also helpful when you find similar products with your captured images and can buy them online.

Pinterest virtual image search can be analyzed by testing your pins and those categorized by Pinterest. It has always been positive as it is a quick and instant tool for a reverse photo lookup.